Dentures New Westminster

Dentures in New Westminster

Dentures may be recommended if you have had many teeth extracted, filled with poorly functioning cavities or periodontal disease. Dentures act as artificial teeth that can do the job of biting and chewing that your original teeth once were able to do.

Dentures in New Westminster may be partial or complete. Partial dentures, as the name suggests, involves replacing only some missing or existing poorly functioning teeth with dentures, while complete dentures replace all your original teeth with a set of new artificial teeth.

What is the process of fitting dentures in New Westminster?

  • A full mouth examination is made, identifying how many teeth are in such poor condition that they should be removed.
  • Options are given to the, which are based on the results of the examination. These outline whether a partial or full denture plan is chosen.
  • Some diseased or problem teeth may be removed to provide room for new dentures to be fitted.
  • Time for the gums to heal after any extraction is given.
  • An impression of the patient’s mouth is taken using a type of putty. Both lower and upper jaws may be used for the impressions which provide the basis for exact denture forms.
  • A model of the dentures is prepared using the impressions and then modified to match the colour, shape and fit.
  • False teeth are placed in the final plastic casting and fitted into the mouth.


1.   How long does the whole denture process take?

 This depends on how complete a set of dentures is needed. It can take several weeks for anything other than a very partial set of dentures. A full set of dentures may take between 8 to 12 weeks from first consultation to final fitting of the dentures.

2. How long do dentures last?

A new set of dentures may need replacing after 5 years, but this interval could be longer. The reasons for replacing dentures vary from a change in the shape of your jaw, to accidents and deterioration in the structure and appearance of the dentures.

3. Can I eat with my dentures in?

It can take some adjustment to get used to doing things with your dentures fitted like you used to do. After a few weeks of adjustment, you should be able to talk, eat and do almost everything.

4. Can I sleep with my dentures in?

Yes, you can sleep soundly with your dentures New Westminster. It is good practice to remove them, clean, then rinse your dentures before replacing them in your mouth before going to bed. 

5. What is the best way to look after my new dentures?

Dentures can be removed and cleaned regularly. Twice a day is a good cleaning schedule. They can be washed in soapy water and brushed with a non abrasive toothbrush. You can also clean them while they are still in the mouth with a non abrasive toothpaste, then rinse off the residue.

6. What are dentures made from?

Most dentures are made from a tough acrylic resin plastic, but you can also have dentures made out of porcelain.

7. What are bridges?

Bridges are a type of partial denture which is used when only a few teeth need replacing. They are artificial teeth which are suspended between two healthy teeth on both sides to replace a tooth which had to be removed.

You can expect the dentists who specialize at Dentures in New Westminster to make the best choices for your dental treatment which will help to maintain your smile.

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