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Are you looking for an Emergency dentist in New Westminster?

There are some situations that are classified as dental emergencies and must be dealt with immediately rather than being left to the next routine visit to the dentists in New Westminster.

Dental emergencies are those that could endanger your life because they could involve severe infection, intense pain, and loss of blood. Not every dental problem is an emergency, of course, so it is important to understand what is an emergency, and should be dealt with straight away, and what is not and can therefore be dealt with by making an appointment with the dentists at a later date.

Dental problems that might be considered emergencies

These are the most common reasons for considering a dental problem an emergency:

  • Teeth knocked out due to an attack or accident;
  • Abscess developing in a tooth;
  • Tooth that has cracked or been chipped;
  • Gums that are bleeding;
  • Excessive pain in the teeth or jaws.

When an emergency occurs, it can be a confronting and scary experience. However, there are things you can do yourself to lessen the risk and reduce pain while you wait for a visit to the emergency dentist in New Westminster. Some of these things you can do are outlined below.

Teeth knocked out

Whatever the reason for a tooth being knocked out, you should put it as carefully as possible back in its socket with the root still intact. If that is not possible, keep the tooth in your mouth and keep it moist between your gums and the inner cheek lining. Of course, call your dentist for an emergency visit as soon as you can.

Tooth cracked or chipped

A cracked or chipped tooth may allow an infection to develop. You will need to keep your mouth cleaned with a mouthwash and call the dentist for an emergency visit. Use a cold compress against the position of the affected tooth to relieve pain in the meantime.


An abscess is an infection in the root of the tooth. It is recognized by swelling, intense pain, and a high temperature. You need to call your dentist for an emergency visit as soon as you can to prevent the infection from spreading further into the jaw or even around the body. Use a cold water rinse to relieve the immediate pain.

Bleeding gums

If you notice your gums are bleeding, it could mean something more serious is happening. You should see your emergency dentist as soon as possible to determine whether there is a serious oral health issue and for this to be dealt with. Swill out your mouth with warm, salty water or a hydrogen peroxide solution to reduce the bleeding.


1. What is the difference between a dental emergency and a non-urgent dental issue?

Dental emergencies are anything related to your oral health that could potentially endanger your life.

2. Do I need to make an appointment for an emergency dental problem?

The emergency dentists in New Westminster will reschedule non-urgent appointments to see you immediately if you have an emergency dental problem.

3. How can I reduce the chance of having an emergency dental problem?

Many emergencies occur because of poor general oral health. Many emergencies can be avoided if you clean your teeth and gums regularly, floss after meals, and make regular visits to your dentist to help identify developing problems.

You can rely on the emergency dentists in New Westminster to deal with your dental emergency with the utmost urgency and professional dental care. 

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