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Dental Fillings New Westminster

Most of us dread going to the dentist, especially when experiencing tooth pain. This is partly because we are afraid it’s going to be a painful experience, whether its dental fillings in New Westminster we need or a tooth extraction. 

Dental fillings are used to fill up a cavity that has occurred in a tooth, which, if left untreated, could extend to your tooth’s root, which could sooner or later lead to a more dangerous, painful dental problem. Worse still, you could lose the tooth forever. Fortunately, today, having any of your teeth filled with one or more dental fillings by a dentist is far from painful.

In fact, it can be quite a soothing experience after the decay from the tooth has been cleaned out, leaving a nice, clean space for the dentist to fit a dental filling. What’s even more important is the dentist who does dental fillings in new Westminster uses the best filling products on the market so you won’t even know you have a filling in your tooth.  You end up both pain free and smiling, and no one will know what you have been going through. 

Different Types of Dental Fillings

There are several types of dental fillings used by dentists today. In fact, dental fillings have been in use for at least 200 years. The material used for a filling is made from substances which can ‘fill’ in the cavity or hole in a tooth that has become damaged. It should set hard and last for years. 

dental filling new westTypes of fillings:

  • Tooth colored composite fillings, which can be colour-matched to the tooth, are strengthened with the use of a blue light curing procedure, so they bond well with the tooth. 
  • Gold dental fillings are long lasting and bond well, but they are not a popular choice due to expense, as more dental visits are required to successfully install this type of filling.
  • Porcelain dental fillings are another option, and they can be color matched to the existing tooth. They don’t stain easily, but they are more brittle than composite fillings.
  • Silver dental fillings (Amalgam) are often preferred over other fillings as they can last several decades and aren’t easily damaged with eating and chewing. They are an alloy mix composed of silver, tin, copper, and zinc. They are cheaper and easier to install than other dental fillings in New Westminster.

Tooth Decay: Filling

Process for Getting Dental fillings

Your dentist is most concerned about your comfort when a dental filling is required. This means using a local anaesthetic before the process of filling your tooth has begun. As soon as your tooth is numb, the dentist will use a dental drill to remove any tooth decay still present in the tooth. 

As soon as the decay has been eliminated, the hole in the tooth is cleaned and dried, and then filled with the filling material you have chosen with help from your dentist.  There is not much recovery time required, but your tooth may be a bit sore for a day or two.

Once you have completed the dental fillings in New Westminster, you won’t look back, as you can now laugh and smile, and no one will ever know you have had a repair done to your tooth.

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