Our goal is to provide the full range of dental procedures for our patients so they can achieve optimal oral health.

Introduction to Tooth Removal (Extraction)

Teeth Extraction– If a tooth is severely infected or decayed, it may need to be removed if the future health of that tooth is hopeless and cannot be restored. Once a tooth is removed there are options to fill the space, bridges, dentures or implants.

Wisdom teeth extraction Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in. When they align properly, and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. Wisdom teeth can be impacted, which means they have nowhere to grow. Even though impacted wisdom teeth are not visible, they can cause a number of problems, including pain in the back of the jaw. In these cases, they should be removed. Removal when you are younger is recommended since the roots are not fully formed and the bone surrounding the impacted tooth is less rigid, making surgery less traumatic.

Oral Sedation is a prescription medication that you can take one hour prior to treatment.  For many patients the prospect of having a tooth removed can be traumatic.  With the help of medication we can make the patient feel calmer and make the procedure easier to tolerate.  Ask your dentist if you are interested in this.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum tissue. This happens when bacteria increases in mass to form a paste-like substance called plaque. Accumulation of plaque and tartar covering the teeth are the beginning stages of periodontal diseases. Tartar is long standing plaque that has absorbed calcium on the tooth surface. Early detection and treatment are your best defense. The existence of bone destruction under the gums cannot be visually detected. This makes it especially important to visit your hygienist regularly.

Are you planning on getting dentures in New Westminster? Well, you’re in luck because Belmont Dental Center offers its clients optimal dental procedures. If you have a decaying or infected tooth that is beyond fixing, we offer a trouble-free tooth extraction service. Once the tooth has been removed, our team of qualified dentists will offer you several options to fill the empty space such as dentures, dental bridges or dental implants in New Westminster.

We also offer our clients wisdom teeth extraction as it is common for them to be misaligned, have unhealthy gum tissues, or have no space to grow. Our caring team of doctors will also do everything they can to make your experience a pleasant one.

Some of our other services include fissure sealants, tooth colored fillings, root canal therapies, veneers and bonding, bridge and crowns, gum and bone grafts, implants, whitening (take home) and full orthodontic treatments among so many more. Please visit our Dental Videos page if you want more information regarding various dental procedures.

So, what’re you waiting for? Come and experience professional dental services in New Westminster. You’ll find that all our procedures are much easier to go through as we make sure you remain calm and comfortable throughout our service.

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