Dr. Calvin Biddle


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Dr. Biddle is a recent graduate of the Doctor of Dental Medicine program at the University of British Columbia. He quickly developed a passion for dentistry during his education, which helped him achieve academic excellence as well as pursue research in the field. Dr. Biddle was rewarded with the Canadian Institute of Health Research Award and the Dr. Michele Williams Memorial Award in Dentistry for his research throughout the program. Dr. Biddle also enjoys volunteering, as he has had experience providing dental care in the Downtown Eastside, Richmond Hospital, and Mexico.

Dr. Biddle strives to make every dental appointment comfortable and pleasant for his patients. He is a strong believer in patient-centred care, providing the patient with all options and helping them to make the best decision for their oral health. Dr. Biddle enjoys building rapport and trusting relationships with his patients.

Aside from Dentistry, Dr. Biddle likes to stay active by working out at the gym, going on hikes to explore, or playing recreational sports with friends. He also enjoys watching professional sports, especially basketball. Dr. Biddle is excited to meet his patients and to serve the New Westminster Community.