Oral Sedation Dentistry New Westminster

"You can relax through your dental appointment. It is safe!"

Oral sedation, commonly referred to as conscious sedation, is offered to our patients to help create a more deep level of relaxation, calmness and patient comfortability during their dental appointment. Aside from oral sedation relieving any anxieties one may have about their dental treatment, it also helps to reduce memory, sights and smells of the dental office all while our patients remain awake and alert during their treatment. The goal of oral sedation is to help reduce our patient's fears and anxieties related to the experience and help to make their visit a more pleasant one.

Dr. Dhaliwal and his Associates can prescribe mild sedatives to anxious patients as we understand that the dental office can be a very apprehensive place for many people. Oral sedation helps our dentists in getting more dentistry completed in our office in less time resulting in fewer visits for our patients.

Before administering any sedatives, Dr. Dhaliwal and his experienced team will educate you about the process of sedation, and all necessary instructions.

Patients that are good candidates for oral sedation are:

  • High fear patients
  • a phobia of needles or shots or that are generally difficult to freeze (get numb)
  • had traumatic dental experiences in the past
  • embarrassed about their teeth
  • experience a bad gag reflex
  • complex dental problems
  • fear of noises, smells and taste associated with dental treatment
  • very sensitive teeth