Root Canal Therapy New Westminster

Root Canal Therapy | Root Canal Infection? Your Dentists Can Help!

Thanks to advances in dental technology, there are a number of ways to save a damaged tooth. One of these ways is Root canal therapy. 

Each of your teeth contains dental pulp, which supplies them with nerves and various nutrients. However, if the dental pulp becomes damaged - such as from injury or disease - it can possibly die. This can impact your tooth, since the buildup of dead pulp tissue and bacteria can lead to serious infection. To prevent this, a root canal treatment may need to be performed to save the tooth. 

A root canal is done by removing the infected pulp from your tooth and filling it with dental material. As a result, your tooth is protected from further infection. A crown is then put on to preserve the structure of your tooth.

Our dental team at Centrum Dental aims to provide our patients with the best dental care possible. We are highly skilled and experienced at performing root canals and are committed to our patients' comfort and well-being. 

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