Facts About Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, often referred to as "Wisdom Teeth", are usually the last teeth to develop. By the age of 18, the average adult will have a total of 32 teeth (including the wisdom teeth). Unfortunately, the average adult mouth is only large enough to accommodate 28 teeth. Therefore, wisdom teeth often do not have enough room to grow in our mouths which can lead to pain and discomfort.

Due to the location of wisdom teeth, they are extremely difficult to clean and keep healthy. As a result, they can put the surrounding teeth at risk for oral health problems. Possible health risks include decay or damage to the second molar, crowding of the other teeth, gum disease, bone loss, cysts in the jaw bone and infections. 

Because the root formation of wisdom teeth is minimal when you are a young adult, it is usually advised to have your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age. Removing wisdom teeth later on in life is much more difficult, since the recovery period is longer, less predictable, and can lead to an increased risks and post-operative complications.


What To Expect During The Procedure 



Here at Belmont Dental Centre, we take all the proper safety precautions to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. An injection of local anesthetic will be administered to ensure you remain at ease throughout your procedure. If you are feeling nervous about your appointment, please bring up your concerns with your dentist and we will do everything we can to help you. 



Belmont Dental Centre has a high level of infection control standards. We make it our number one priority to ensure that your safety, along with ours is met in all aspects in our office. 


Wisdom teeth extractions can be straight forward and "wiggle" out easily or they may be more surgically involved where raising of the gums, removal of bone and/or sectioning of the tooth may be required to remove the tooth.

Refer to our "Post op Instructions" for detailed instructions following dental surgery.

Refer to our "Post op Instructions" for detailed instructions following dental surgery.
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